albaRosa Race day #2


Event details and possibly results will be available on the British Cycling website here

Big thanks to the following people, committing to help out in advance:
*Gillian Teoli
*Suzie Richards
*Anne Richards,
*Katherine O'Mahony
*John-Paul Bednarek
*Jane & Chris Connell
*Richard Hollis
*Esther Hollis,
*Heidi Tomlinson
*Rebecca Sheridan
*Joe Woodman
*Emil Hrebik
*Phil Makinson

An impossible day without you. A fun day with you.

To all others that chipped in on the day (filming finishes and marshalling gates) this is appreciated.

The race went well, no rain, no crashes, happy commissaires.

The Cat 4 race was the first race for club member Will Szejna, a great effort from Ryan Ayodele Forde to secure a great top 10 finish and scooping up this first race points. All round club volunteer, youth coach and youth race team director Joe Krasinski showed great tactics in his riding to earn himself a spot prize. And to kick off the day, the U10 girls race podium was closed out in full by an Alba 1,2,3 which was great to see! Another great effort and some awesome racing from Sam Hollis, mixing in the age group above to podium in his own age group.

Cheers all, top day, please share your photos and achievements you saw πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

To contact the club committee please email