How to Contribute

We're always on the lookout for new contributors to the AlbaRosa website, whether that's an article about a recent cycling adventure or volunteers for content maintenance. This page is a guide of how to contribute.

Getting Started

The ARCC website is fully editable online via the admin area.

If you've contributed before you'll need to login using your existing account. If you're a first time contributor please drop an email to describing your intention and we'll get an invite your way.

News articles (aka a blog post) are listed on the homepage and are likely what you want to contribute and this guide concentrates on that process. A quick tour of more advanced activities is at the bottom but those usually get delegated to Rob Tuley!

1. Create Your Post

After logging in to the admin area, click the New Post button.

  • Use the bar at the top to give it a title
  • Click the gear icon top right to add a post image

If you were previously halfway through writing a post, then it will be in the Content section, there's a search box to find older material.

2. Write Engaging Content

The editor is a simple text entry box and encourages you to concentrate on content rather than the visual formatting which will be varying depending on the reader's device.

While it is perfectly possible to follow your nose and just type a few paragraphs of text, posts are written in Markdown which means there are a few constructs you can use to achieve certain effects:

  • To insert a title, prefix with ## on a new line
  • To link to an internal or external page use [the link text]( An internal link can be specified as [the club rides](/club-rides/)
  • To add an image Ctrl+Shift+I or type the mysterious ![]() on a new line and use the upload button in the preview area. If you can, crop your image to a sensible size first.

There is a lot more you can do if you want to go to town read the Ghost Markdown Guide, the Image Upload Guide, or how to embed videos, or pin down Rob Tuley.

3. Publish & Share

If you're on a laptop your screen will be wide enough that the preview will have been alongside your text input. If on your phone, use the Preview button at the bottom to make sure your content is as awesome as you imagined.

To publish use the drop down arrow button next to Save Draft in the top right to activate the Publish button, then hit it. I found this mildly confusing but you'll know when it's done because the button turns into the Update Page button. Then whizz over to the homepage to see your article at the top of the news list. Click through, copy the link from the address bar and get sharing. Posting a link in the ARCC Members Group is nice as a minimum.

Editing After Publish

If you've made a mistake or simply want to add more find your post in the content section, edit it, then click the Update button.

Advanced Editor-Foo

For advanced editors (committee & those maintaining website content areas) here are a few more general points to bear in mind:

  • All website page are in fact just news articles so all the above applies for everything. As an advanced editor you can edit anyone's stuff including any normal page. Just search for it in the Content section.
  • The only difference with normal website pages is under the settings gear icon in the editor the "make this a static page" tickbox is checked. If you want to create new website pages that don't list as news articles, tick that box.
  • Markdown accepts normal HTML, so pretty much anything is possible on an individual page if you can code it. If you can't ask Rob Tuley.
  • The navigation is easily editable, but ask Rob.
  • Website styling, footer, and so on all come from the ghost theme. Again Rob edits this if it is required, this is a bit harder and not that flexible really as I'm trying to keep it to the standard one.

To contact the club committee please email