October/November Newsletter

So the slightly colder and slightly wetter and slightly more miserable weather is upon us.

Does that deter some hardy riders from getting out there no matter what the conditions….. absolutely NOT !!!

Just check out some of these pictures

We may not ride as far, we may not be as warm and dry as we’d like but you cannot fault the enthusiasm of so many of our members.

Sadly the weekday evening rides have come to an end (for obvious reasons) but this doesn’t mean that this is the end of the evening rides …… each Thursday evening we run a track session at the Brownlee centre to which anyone and everyone are most welcome. The training sessions vary each week from learning new skills to fitness based sessions. Oh of course we had an end of season social !!!

We also run indoor turbo based sessions

Of course some people prefer the good old fashioned DIY method ….

November saw the introduction of the Base Miles rides. These happen every Saturday and have typically two routes depending on how far and how fast you want to ride. The aim of these rides however is to keep the fitness levels up rather than trying to push yourself too hard when the weather is against doing so.

This doesn’t of course mean the Club Sunday rides die a death ….. far from it

Did I mention the Autumn Bash ??? ..... a huge turnout greeted our end of Summer riding season when everyone is / was invited to ..... well see below ..

Of course if you fancy a complete change away from the roads then .... look no further than our Mountain Biking arm

As always its worth keeping an eye out for upcoming events.

Oh yes …. Please show some respect to fellow riders and get some proper mudguards and top flaps fitted … its no fun following someone whos bike is not adequately prepped

Well thats it for now .... our Christmas newsletter is to follow.

and why do we all ride ..... well for obvious reasons !!

To contact the club committee please email hello@albarosacc.com