Flurry of points for pink!

Prologue Performance Cycling Circuit series #1 on Saturday 3rd June saw lots of success for AlbaRosa. There was a range of races across the afternoon from ladies, a cat 4 and 2/3/4 race. The support from spectators was great but it meant the pressure was on to deliver. Race reports below.

Race 1 - Womens

Emma and Nicky represented Alba in the womens field. 13 riders lined up with a strong contingent from cat 2-4.

(Emma and Nicky)

Race 2 - Cat 4

Kyle talks you through his experiences from the day.

Due to our numbers we had decided to ride aggressively from the start, with nearly all of us doing a stint off the front at some point during the manic first few laps. Eventually, the group started struggling to reel in the attacks, with Tom and Adam spending a while off the front in a three-man break (with Matthew Dudman from Paceline), followed by Michan in another break which looked like it might stay away until it too started coming back. I attacked and quickly got a good gap, Michan abandon his break as it was absorbed by the bunch and joined me off the front, along with Ben Davies from Sheffield Hallam.

(Left to right: Gavin, Phil, Tom, Michan, Chris, Adam and Kyle)

Ben stopped working after a lap or two (clever), leaving me and Michan to do the majority of the work. Thanks to some ‘blocking tekkers’ from the rest of team it became clear that we would stay away with 3 or 4 laps to go, so we could finally ease up and save our legs for a sprint against someone likely to be much fresher. Michan attacked the last lap and I sat up waiting for Ben to chase him down, so I could hop on his wheel and hopefully beat him in the sprint. There was no reaction, I looked behind me to see him struggling and going backwards. Nice! All that was left to do was roll across the line for a nice easy Alba 1-2.

(Tom giving it some beans)

It was only after we finished that we realised Matthew Dudman from Paceline had managed to stay off the front after Tom and Adam had got caught from the earlier break, and we had spent most of the race 30 seconds behind him without realising. Turns out Michan myself were the only people in West Yorkshire that didn’t know this. B#llocks

Race 3 - 2/3/4

Hayden summarises another successful day on his ascension through the cycling ranks.

(Hayden smashing it but looking cool as ever)

3 Alba’s on the start line for the 2/3/4 and it was almost a perfect day for racing the new track at the Brownlee Triathlon Centre. The race started off a swift pace, though attacks weren’t launched right away. The first break to go contained two riders, who were joined by myself shortly after. Working well together, we were off the front for a couple of laps before being reeled in by the group.

(Matt and Andy 'chilling' in the bunch)

A couple of solo warrior attempts then followed but nothing stuck. Around half way into the race, two riders, one being ex pro Tom Barras, jumped off the front just as the race was starting to take its toll on the legs of the peleton. Guessing it was going to stay away, I bridged across to the break, passing another rider stuck in no man’s land. Andy and Matt were quick to move to the front to disrupt any further attacks. From there the gap for the break grew and with 4 laps to go it was a safe bet to stay away. After a small attempt to drop the break, I settled for 3rd with 2nd category licence secured.


Womens E/1/2/3/4

7th Nicky Green
12th Emma Pulsford

4th cat

2nd Michan
3rd Kyle (promoted to cat 3)
5th Chris
8th Adam
9th Joe
12th Tom
31st Gavin
Bunch - Phil


3rd Hayden (promoted to cat 2)
11th Andy
12th Matt

Big thanks to Prologue and all the helpers/commissaries.
Great photos from @photography_pcs, Patrick Sice and Jerry Watson.

To contact the club committee please email hello@albarosacc.com