Race team success

There were a number of great results from members of AlbaRosa last week.
Racing within Alba continues to develop, with a great team and a number of strong riders. Read a few reports below and get involved with training if you feel inspired.

Brownlee Centre Evening Race series -Round 2

Matt Grimshaws report:

There was a large field of 50-60 riders for the second edition of the race series hosted by Otley CC. A few early attacks included one which I followed and was closely joined by Michan. A bit of disorganisation in sharing the effort meant that our gap evaporated after a couple of laps. Adam managed to get into another break with a bunch of Ilkley riders but this slowly disappeared also. An initially strong attack from 2 riders (including Mac FTR) got closed and it was down to the inevitable sprint. Michan did a great job on the penultimate lap to string the field out and make sure myself, Joe and Peter got in position. Sam Dickinson timed his sprint perfectly to get first, which was followed by Matt Kirkbright (Army Matt) and myself, for a close third. Oblivious to the action behind, Joe and Peter came in 7th and 8th.

Great team effort and nice to see the results from a strong field of local riders. -Matt Grimshaw

Pedalsport Spring Circuits #5

Matt Grimshaws report:

Kyle Bibby, Michan Mckeown Walker and I signed on to rep alba. The course is quite short so I went all in for the first few laps to string it out. 2 lads got up the road for a few laps. Kyle then made a big effort to bridge across to the break. It was then up to Mike and me to cover attacks and cause trouble controlling the group. Army Matt (him again) made a huge effort to get across, which I tried to follow but quickly gave up. Only a few laps left and the winner would be one of the 4 man break. Army Matt smashed it to win and clinch his cat 2 (congrats). Kyle put in a heroic effort to get second! I rolled in somewhere for 8th with Mike close behind.

A great result from a hungover (again) Kyle! Mike and I got a fair bit of abuse trying to make sure the break stuck but it was a good team effort.


Race report by Hayden Allen

On Saturday I headed over to Bickerstaffe to the regional A Twin Lakes Velocafe – Southport CC road race. Driving over it was pouring with rain but it stopped just in time for the race, perfect! The course was rectangular and flat with just one slight drag on one side and fairly untechnical. I lined up in the first 5 riders and never really moved outside the top ten, a big improvement in my positioning. From there the plan was pretty simple, follow every attack until I got in the break. It took longer than expected but on lap 4 of 12, 5 of us got clear. Shortly after, 2 riders got popped and so then there were 3. The gap extended to 25 seconds quite quickly and never went below 20, despite the main bunch coming into view on a long straight road. I attacked with 1 and a half laps to go to try and shake the other 2 rides but I only got rid of 1. On the last corner, still damp from the earlier rain, I slowed a little too much. With the line less than a hundred meters from the final corner I never regained my lost ground and rolled in for 2nd. I’m really pleased with the result, my best of the year so far. I’ll now take some confidence into the last phase of the season.

Photo Credit: Ellen Isherwood

Craig Armitage Road Race

Race report by Andy Ashton

The race was a good one. 57 riders turned up with a good mix of abilities for the 2/3/4 Craig Armitage Memorial Road Race. Due to the flat course, the race was fast from the start. With a break getting away on the second lap, I think. I was taking up my usual spot, sharing last man duties with a lad from Wold Top. The first few laps were pretty uneventful with the break gaining a bit of distance before some of the Prologue lads and a few others decided to chase it down, eventually catching them on the 5th lap. After that, there were numerous attempts from riders to get away but nothing seemed to stick. With 3 laps to go, I ran out of water, rookie mistake! By 2 laps to go I was getting itchy feet and wanted to move up a bit for the sprint but as the peloton was strung out, I didn't want to do all the work myself. One and a half laps to go, Steve Collaby of ATC comes steaming past up the side of the bunch, so I jumped straight on his wheel for a tow and slotted in around fifth wheel, not realising that Steve was going for it, straight off the front followed by one other never to be seen again. Last lap was tense, holding my position at the front while my legs were screaming with cramp. I managed to hold a decent position in the top 20 around the last corner, into the headwind and just following the wheels through to the finish. I had a little do out the saddle but immediately regretted it so just peddled to the line holding onto the wheel in front.
11th in the end and now only 2 points off retaining 2nd Cat. It was a cracking race, really well organised and a really good tribute to Craig Armitage.

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