So whats been happening with ARCC this month. Well sadly its got slightly colder and slightly darker BUT this has in no way detracted from the number of activities that have taken place this month.

Our Saturday Socialrides have taken on a new route to Bolton Percy due to road works on our usual route to Cav Pav. They are still as popular as ever ….. as you can see below.

The weekday eveningsocials also continue to be as popular as ever albeit slightly shorter in the evenings now

The Tuesday Chain Gang continues …. A pace … no pun intended with 2 or sometimes 3 groups each Tuesday proving how popular these ‘gangs’ are.

For those who are not fans of the darker nights and road rides that we offer we will now see an upsurge in interest of our evening track sessions at the Brownlee Centre each Thursday evening.

And then of course we have the weekend rides for those wanting something a little more exerting that the Saturday Social.

Ride leader ‘barking out the orders’ !!!

Just to prove it was all worthwhile !!

The maiden 100 ride ‘out East’ proved a huge success with 2 groups making their way round the 100 mile route with the all important ‘pit stop’ in Easingwold for those magnificent cakes at the Curious Table. Our organiser Simon Owen now looking to organise another for next year ….. BUT …. Making it a nice round 200 mile ride ugh !!!

For those who love a challenge of ‘nothing but pain’ then the Segment of the Week is still there !!

How are those ‘pesky kids’ doing …… well the faces tell the story

The CX season is now getting under way and the Middleton Park race proved incredibly popular

So as always there is lots and lots going on with Alba Rosa ….. so feel free to make contact with us and we’re sure there’ll be something on offer for everyone

To contact the club committee please email