Summer BBQ

Saturday 8th July started like any normal Saturday. The Saturday Social met for conversation and their weekly ride to Cav Pav, The Training Group met for a ‘friendly’ smashing, the TT guys and girls road up and down dual carriageways. But this was no ordinary Saturday. This was the day of the Alba Summer BBQ at Roundhegian’s. One of only two official Alba Rosa social events, where people from all areas of the club come together and when lycra is actually optional!

With the sun shining, the TV set to ITV 4 and with the event a sell out with over 70 tickets sold we were set for a cracking afternoon.
It is universally accepted that cyclists have a healthy appetite (both food and beer!) and the venue did not disappoint offering an excellent spread for the vegetarian and meat eaters amongst us. There was even left overs which meant that the wiser and jersey wearing members of the club were able to sneak a cheeky snack for the trip home….noted!!

It was great to see so many members with their partners and families at the event and with the children distracted by the bouncy castle there was plenty of opportunity to catch up with old pals and make new friends. There has only been positive feedback about the event, and so, I would like to thank Antony Henson for organising and promoting the event to all areas of the club. In the words of Graham Leng ‘It was the best BBQ I’ve been to!’.

With the sun still shining a large group headed into Leeds where the socialising continued with a lemonade, beer, or tactical shandy!

As a club we only have two official social events the other being the Christmas Doo. It would be great to have another big turn out so here’s your save the date: Saturday 9th December!

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