Riding with Alba into 2018

At this time of year, it is getting darker and colder, which means the handful of days that constituted summer are fading into distant memory. It is important to stay motivated over the winter months and what better way than to set out some goals for 2018. Everyone will have different aims which might include, getting a gold time in a local sportive, setting a PB in a 10 mile TT or racing for the first time. Whatever your goal it is important to set your sites on something and start thinking about how you can work towards it.

Alba is a cycling club with a competitive edge and prides itself on helping people develop their riding. The club has a committed group of members that are there to help with a range of training over the winter so that you are prepared for whatever 2018 might hold. Riding with a group of friends in Alba is an ideal way to stay motivated when it might be dark. Turbo training doesn't even have to be lonely with the likes of zwift! There are a number of exciting plans to help support racing in Alba in 2018, that will be discussed at a meeting on Thursday 16th November at the Brownlee Centre.

The first block of riding takes us to Christmas and focusses on endurance and group skills. Tuesday night is paceline out to Ilkley, which is ideal for all abilities with 2 groups most weeks. Saturday the 11th November is the first winter base mile where we will be heading up Wharfedale. These rides are ideal for anyone new to training and will be at a steady pace. There will be multiple groups that offer different speeds and distances so why not come along!
There are plenty more sessions and rides happening within Alba that can be found by becoming a member and joining our facebook page.

To contact the club committee please email hello@albarosacc.com