Youth Racing

2017 Season:
ARCC Youth Win Counter #66 Podium Counter #124
2016 Season:
ARCC Youth Win Counter #23 Podium Counter #52

2015 Season:

  • ARCC Youth win counter #82
  • ARCC Youth podium counter #130

Racing is a great way to practice the bike skills you will learn at the albaRosa training sessions, and throughout the spring/summer months there are a lot of different youth races from beginners to the more experienced racers.


To race you will need a British Cycling race licence.

This comes with your British Cycling membership depending on which type of membership you choose. We recommend the SILVER membership. The race licence is a FREE add on for all riders under the age of 16. The membership is also FREE or discounted if you it is your first one and you a member of albaRosa. Click here

If you want to try it first or if you forget your licence you can pay for a day one at events.


  • A safe bike. For most kids races any safe bike will do but obviously a road bike for a tarmac race and and an MTB for a mountain bike race would be preferable (you wouldn’t be able to use a road bike). Check race regulations.
  • A helmet.
  • Motivation. Important one this and often overlooked. Your kids need to want to race. They may be very good at it, they may get lapped and they should find enjoyment and/ or a determination to improve whichever happens. Pressure to succeed is not motivating and can remove enjoyment.
  • Train! (see bottom of the page) Race winners and top ten finishers don’t win by accident. They are motivated to go faster and train their bodies to cope with the demands of racing. Check your bike & kit the night before. Pump your tyres up.
  • Eat plenty of carbohydrates and drink water the night before. Pasta is a cyclist staple energy food. What do Team Sky eat? Click here Eat a carb rich breakfast and drink plenty of water.
  • Arrive in plenty of time and warm up. Some sugary food such as sweets/ banana/ gel 15 mins before the race will give an energy boost.
    Don’t be put off by everyone else looking like they know what they’re doing. Be there for you and have a good time.
  • Cheering! They probably won’t hear or care for your advice on the way round but will get a boost from hearing their name and a cheer. And a big well done if they finish, win or walk back with a puncture throwing their bike on the ground……
  • Supportive expectations. You shouldn’t expect your child to go and win nor talk them down to feeling like they’ve got no chance. A realistic, positive discussion on what to expect (Have they been training? Is this their first time? What do they want out of it? How do they feel? Give it your best shot!) can be helpful, based around enjoyment and taking something good from the experience. Team Sky and GB don’t try and win but rather they do what is needed to go as fast as possible and winning is merely a rewarding product of that if it all falls into place.

If you want to adapt your bike read our article on equipment.


There’s range of racing in and near Leeds for youth riders. Here are the main ones

Early Season Circuit Races

These are warm ups for the main event of the White Rose League (see further down the page) and are a good place for novices to get used to racing. They tend to be ‘Go Ride’ so without British Cycling points.
Run by Huddersfield Star Wheelers in 2017: Huddersfield Star Wheelers Winter Go-Ride Series

Spring Circuit Races

The are held in Elland at Brooks Bank Cycle Circuit. Sponsored by Pedal Sports bike shop in Halifax these are run from 11th March onwards. Info on their website and the British Cycling website.

Payment also on the day. Book online as proving popular!

Yorkshire Day at The Races

Run by York bike club Clifton cc ay YorkSport circuit Book online at the British Cycling website or pay on the day
York day the races 2017

West Riding Track League

This is a grass track league held locally in Roundhay Park. It is an excellent introduction to racing and riders race against other youths of a similar speed and ability. Younger riders will use mountain bikes and as they get older will use Isla bikes or road bikes with cyclocross or touring tyres for extra grip. U8 – U12s use freewheel bikes and from U14 fixed wheel bikes are used.

Races are held every Monday evening from the 2nd Monday in May. Participation has been excellent over the past few years and makes for a great family evening.

To participate you must join the West Riding Track league to register. Membership reached capacity last year in certain age groups so it is advised to register in advance. Also pay on the day: £3.50 per week and take your BC race licence.

Website, Facebook or Twitter

British Schools Cycling Association

Facebook page

British Schools Cycling Association (BSCA) hold regional and national competitions across several cycling disciplines from circuit races, time trials, hill climbs, mountain bikes and grass track. Riders enter in the name of their schools rather than their club. Age categories are different to British Cycling with U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 & O15 (over 15s). Regional races for BSCA are held at Richard Dunne Sports Centre in Bradford and at the Roundhay Park Grass track.

This is also a good introduction to racing and generally a level below the White Rose Youth League.
2017 races

Yorks Rollers:Saturday, Mar 18, 2017 @ farsley farfield school, farsley
BSCA National Cyclocross Championship 11 Mar 17

26 FEBRUARY Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Championships

In the 2015 season albaRosa youth palmares include:

  • U9 Boys Yorkshire Grass Track champion (for Talbot Primary)
  • 2nd u9 Boys National Grass Track
  • 3rd u13 Yorkshire Grass Track

Pre entry or on the day. you will also need a BSCA licence, or pay for a day licence. See the website - link above

White Rose Youth League

These races are held on traffic free tarmac tracks at Richard Dunne Sports Centre in Bradford, Yorksport Cycling, Wakefield, Forge Valley Community School in Sheffield and this year on the fabulous new circuit in Leeds. Races are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings on alternate weeks shared around the three venues.
Road bikes are used and races are run in rider age groups – U8, U10, U12, U14 & U16. To work out which age group, if the rider is 14 in the current calendar year they will ride in the U14 group. The following year they will move up to U16.
These races are attended by all the Yorkshire based clubs and is a great way to get to know other like minded youths in the region and test your skills against the best in Yorkshire.

Provisional 2017 Calendar

Wednesday League
20-Apr Richard Dunn
03-May Hammerstones
17-May Forge Valley
31-May Wakefield
14-Jun Richard Dunn
29-Jun Hammerstones (Thurs)
12-Jul Forge Valley
26-Jul Wakefield
09-Aug Richard Dunn

Thursday League

11-May York
25-May Leeds
08-Jun York
22-Jun Leeds
06-Jul York
20-Jul Leeds
03-Aug York
17-Aug Leeds

Gear restrictions are in use in all road races for different ages and these are checked before the rider is allowed to sign on for the race.

Enter both with in advance at the British Cycling Events page or on the day. Take your BC race licence.

2015 season albaRosa Youth palmares include:

  • U14 Boys Overall White Rose League Winner Bradford

All racing starts at 7pm

National Series

This is a series of races around the country which attracts the best riders from all regions across the UK. The Yorkshire event is held on the August Bank holiday weekend at The Scarborough Festival of Cycling. Events on British Cycling website
2015 season albaRosa Youth palmares include:

U14 boys British Cycling Yorkshire Circuit Champion
2nd place U8 Girls Yorkshire Circuit Championships
3rd place U14 National road race championships
Scarborough Festival of Cycling.
u8 girls Grass Track omnium

Mountain Bike

BSCA run a county and national schools mountain bike championship (see BSCA above)

Nutcracker run a northern England MTB series starting in March. Juvenile (12-14), Youths (15-16), Fun (Novice – non ranking)

Cyclo Cross

Yorkshire Cyclo Cross Association run a summer and winter series of racing.

Summer Series:

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