Youth Coaching Tips

At Alba Rosa youth section we actively aim to let the riders choose their own outcomes for their riding. This is important so they get the maximum enjoyment from the wide range of enjoyment that cycling can bring. Do they want to:

Ride for fun?
With others on group rides or with their friends?
Road, mountain bike, track or cyclo cross?
Racing or friendly competition?

Whatever they enjoy, bike skills and riding your bike often are an important part of this as it helps you get better and either ride either faster or easier as fitness improves.

This section will cover training tips through videos andideas to practice taken from our Wednesday evening sessions.

If there is something your kids want to get better at, let us know and we will build it in!

Here’s our Joe demonstrating how to do a track stand.

We looked at braking the other week practising covering your brakes and keeping your heels down so when you want to brake you can do so quickly and your forward body weight goes into the pedals not the pavement. .. Here’s a picture of Josh Bryceland doing exactly that. Equally as important on a road bike as a mountain bike.

We have a tricky hairpin at our track. Here’s some text book cornering: Following the line. Out wide. Looking where she wants to go. Right foot up ready.

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